Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Great Move!

Okay, so it wasn't really all that grandiose but it did go quite smoothly. Well, minus one little hiccup!

Shall I back up?

Three weeks ago we looked at a house a friend had for rent which I blogged about. The same day we looked at it we put in our 30 days notice at the duplex we'd been in for the past 10+ months and started working on some minor things at the house. This past weekend was the move.

I watched my niece and nephew Friday as always and had to walk from my mom's house, where I was watching them, to the duplex since we sold the couches and the lady was picking them up. When we got back to my mom's from the duplex Aiden was being a turd about getting out of the stroller so we acted like we were going into the house without him (all in fun, we were all in excellent moods!). As I went back to get him I passed my mom on her front steps (all of two steps mind you) and as I stepped onto the walkway my left foot was mostly off the edge of the walkway and the way I landed on it twisted it and I fell. I'll admit it, I fell on my right knee on cement and my left foot hurt horribly and I cried. First I cried because it hurt, then I cried because I hate my feet! This is the same thing I did to my right foot when I was 15, although time I stepped off a couch.... I know, ridiculous!

So... Friday I was useless. It hurt horribly to walk and I could barely hobble around but I refused to do absolutely nothing so I pushed myself. Thankfully we had a lot of help and got almost everything moved over Friday night. Saturday evening a couple trips were made but mostly I slept a lot and had to sit almost all day. Sunday I again slept a lot but got some things done around the house, including finding my foot braces that I keep around for a reason. I've been wearing my brace on my foot almost constantly since Sunday and it helps keeping the swelling down and gives it a little more stability so it's easier to walk. Although I left it off today to see what it'd do and it swelled a little it's doing much better and has pretty shades of purple all over it!
What my foot looked like Saturday evening. Don't mind the nail polish, I've had other things on my mind!
My foot this afternoon. Some swelling especially by my ankle but overall much better, other than the crazy bruising!

Besides the foot fiasco it's great here! We still haven't gotten the yard completely fenced but there's still a lot of cleaning to be done back there so we don't want the dogs hanging out back there anyway. (The yard is almost completely fenced but there's a 4 ft section at the back of the garage that we have chain link for and a 9 ft section between the house and the garage that we're getting a kennel panel for) Even though that project hasn't been tackled yet doesn't mean the dogs don't get outside time, though. We have a great deck on the front of the house and since the weather is nice we just open the front door and with a baby gate up at the opening of the deck they have a great time outside.
One of the best things about the front of the house are the four windows in the living room allowing to see the entire deck. The dogs are constantly looking through the windows checking on use when they're chilling and it allows a safe outside place for the kids to play when they're here while I do other things and keep an eye on them at the same time.

The place is literally big enough that we could do entirely without the two extra bedrooms but they'll be put to good use in time. One of them already has Aiden's toddler bed in it for his naps so he doesn't have to sleep in our bed.

I also love the laminate wood floors that are throughout the living space! Not only do they not hold onto dog hair (although they do mean I sweep multiple times a day to keep the shedding beasts' hair under control!) but they also remind me of grooming that I tend to neglect on the dogs, like trimming their nails. So, I have a training project going on that I will share on Thursday! Until then, let's hope I don't re-injure either of my feet! They're kind of necessary with three dogs, two kids to watch after and a house to keep up with!

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