Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting To Know You

Okay, no more teasing. Alex and I got a puppy. She's a 9 week 5 day old purebred female black lab donated to Canine Support Teams by Oak Canyon Labs. It's no coincidence that we picked her up when Charlie went back for training, we found out two weeks ago that she'd be ours and so Charlie's recall was pushed back so we wouldn't have to make the 1800 mile round trip twice.

Her name? Oh yes, sorry. CST was amazing enough to name her Tiki for me. We found out we could raise here the same day Tiki the elephant died. Coreena asked if they would be willing to name her Tiki for me and they did! There's something amazing thinking about the legacy Tiki the elephant left behind and all the good Tiki the puppy could do.
 ^First bath, mid-shake^
^She makes my heart melt a little bit^ 
I got her Saturday morning but am just starting to really get to know her personality. We made the trip in 35.5 hours, total. We left Friday at 7 p.m. and arrived hom Sunday at 6:30 a.m. We only stopped to sleep once for a couple hours (well, Mom and Coreena slept a couple hours...). Tiki was such a trooper on the trip! To begin with she whined because it was hot but once she settled down she just slept the whole way! She's turning out to be a great sleeper and has only had one accident which was entirely our fault since we left her in the x-pen too long. She's very quick to relieve outside on-leash on any surface which we are so thankful for considering the storm front that came through!
^Oh, sweet chubby puppy!^ 
I didn't want to raise a puppy until Eclipse was at least 2 years old. Coincidentally we arrived home on the morning of Eclipse's (and Eva's, Echo's, Eola's, Jasmine's and their two other siblings') birthday!
We bought this big dog bed from Costco Friday afternoon... the dogs all rotate who gets to sleep on it and they all look so comfortable curled up on it... I have a feeling we'll be investing in at least three more!
At this point Tiki seems to be a very confident puppy who isn't afraid to try things. This confidence may make things challenging, but right now I'm just thankful to not have an anxious puppy. She seems to be fitting in well. We are allowed to take her out in public before she gets all her shots, we just have to carry her. I haven't decided yet if we will or not, maybe a few quick in and outs but no big outings as there are other ways to socialize a puppy and I feel if you socialize correctly, you have more opportunities to help the dog be successful and well-adjusted.

Oh, Tiki, welcome home!

 More photos and stories to come!


  1. Welcome Tiki. You are very beautiful puppy. There are big things in store for you. You look up to it fur sure.

  2. Welcome Tiki! :) I can't wait to hear about more of your adventures.

  3. oh, how cool! And, so nice of them to name her Tiki in memory of Tiki - what a sweet tribute!

  4. Welcome Tiki! LOL I love confident puppies! No worries with them!

    ~ Erin