Friday, October 29, 2010


Since I know pictures are what you're here for, there's plenty in this post!

Coreena and I took Tiki to the vet today for her shots. The little gal weighs in at 15.6 lbs at only 10 weeks 2 days old! Pictures do not do her size justice!
 She handled the shot and dewormer like a champ! 
 The wait was very short despite us "walking-in" rather than having an appointment, she handled that well too!
 The only thing she didn't handle well was the block for the microchip implantation...
 The poor thing was not a fan!
 I wasn't a fan of the $37 price tag on them implanting the microchip! I've done it tons of time and for free!
Even though that's a stress yawn... she's sleeping quietly now, although not from the shot! She's been full of it for the two hours since the shot and it's her normal naptime! :-D


  1. Tiki is one cute puppy. She looks like a real jewel.

  2. Wow - SUCH A CUTE PUP! And a big one at that!

  3. You have some really nice lighting in those pictures. It's so hard to get no flash pictures that show more than the dogs outline.