Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Addition(s?)

Meet Henry!
 He's a 2-year-old male Scottish Fold.
We went to pick up his mom (also a Scottish Fold) yesterday but they couldn't find her. Which is fine since I prefer males, and Henry's turned out to be pretty great!
He was so stressed he was hiding for 18 hours, we barely saw the little guy's cute face.
So when we heard the family found Cielo, the mom, and we could come get her we jumped at the chance to add another fluff to our family and a cat that Henry is comfortable with and would help him adjust. Instead we came home with Finnegan, his brother. Within 10 minutes of getting here with Finnegan Henry was out asking for pets and purring up a storm. Now Henry's pretty comfortable but Finnegan is hiding on a window sill. They're getting used to us, the dogs, and the new house all at once instead of us stressing them out multiple times. They both seem like amazing fits and we can't wait until Tuesday/Wednesday to be able to let them go outside so they can come and go as they please like they're used to.

We weren't expecting to get two cats, but it works for us! Besides, the family we got them from is very very sweet and aren't in a position right now to keep all of their animals, so we're happy to give these two of their guys a good home.

Ally & Alex w/Eclipse, Teddy, Kira, Henry & Finnegan

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