Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tiki's Lessons for Me #1

 Pretty much every dog I interact with, train, or raise teaches me something, which is the way it should be. Tiki is no different. At 10 weeks she already taught me a couple lessons.

Barking in the crate means more than "I'm bored" or "I have to poop". Tiki is a pretty vocal puppy in the crate but not in the typical manner. She doesn't cry when she first enters the crate, it always takes a bit. Sometimes she does have to poop (she's been waking us up about once a night with diarrhea, but hopefully we've got that kicked now!) and sometimes she is just bored. In the x-pen it's boredom when she cries so she gets a rawhide with peanut butter on it (well... will again once we've for sure gotten the diarrhea kicked).
After we first picked her up she cried in her crate. The only thing we could figure was she was hot. This puppy does not like being hot! She'll cry in her crate if she's too hot. She also cries in her crate if she's lonely or scared. At this point she's not a real fan of being alone. Smart me forgot that last night while she cried for an hour because her crate was on the other side of our room from our bed... Simple solution at least, moved her crate next to Alex and she slept soundly until I got her up, an hour after Alex was up and around.
In other news, she's doing great! She's outgoing, loves playing with Eclipse, isn't afraid of our steps, tries to get in and out of the car by herself, and is learning manners and cues.
We are doing the NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free) with all the dogs, including Tiki.All that means is they must do something for anything they want. If they want outside, they have to sit, if they want a love, they have to do something (we can love on them as much as we want, but if they ask to be loved on we ask them to do something). Tiki's getting the idea quickly and it's not so uncommon in the service dog world, it's just never called that *grin* She's beginning to understand "sit", "Tiki", "come here", "Better Go Now", "Wait", "Release" and the beginnings of zen. We're going to mostly be doing the Sue Ailsby Training Levels with her as well as putting her in obedience classes possibly starting next week. We are doing clicker training with her and she already know that "click means treat" so all is well. She's going to the vet Friday for some shots (they missed the 8 week shot I believe, so we're going to do some juggling of shots) and we'll get a weight on her then. She's a big girl, short and stout. I love me some good ole' English, blocky-head labs!
I'll update again soon, right now it's dog, kid and me nap time I do believe!

Ally w/Tiki, Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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