Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Big Retriever

These photos do NOTHING for Eclipse, but they're cute none-the-less.
 We took him and Eva to the vet's this morning. I'll let Coreena fill you in on Eva's current physical condition but overall Eclipse's is, well, in a word, AMAZING! He weighs in at a very healthy 55 lbs which I was happy about since I got him a bit too plump at one point. His nails are at an almost perfect length thanks to the dremel and pushing the quik back, his coat is very soft and healthy, his eyes look good, his black stomach is due to his allergies and all else looks good. His coat looks so good the vet asked if he was currently getting Omega-3 supplements, which he's not!
 We got a full level 2 blood panel done, just waiting to hear on his levels. In the morning I also get the pleasure of "catching" his first morning urine so they can get a more comprehensive view. He also has a very very slight yeast build up in his left ear that we're addressing which is again, due to his allergies. One flea bite and he's miserable! He gets red skin, scabs from scratching, a black stomach, ear infections and red rimmed eyes. The vet wants me to try him on a home-made diet for 30 days to see if he has food allergies but I'm not sure... I think it's purely the fleas and if he gets one single bite you can tell for weeks.
I will update when we get the test results back. It's costing us a pretty penny to get all these tests run but it's worth it to know where he stands for sure!

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  1. That's wonderful about Eclipse! I'm so happy that he's doing well.