Saturday, November 13, 2010

Does This Count?

Does it count as a first outing if we just went to socialize outside of Safeway? Tiki is a very confident 12 week old puppy and she already thinks that every person was put on the earth to love on her. I decided we should ease into full public socializing by getting manners in place in more and more challenging places. We had to go to Safeway so while Alex and Max got the necessary things Tiki, Coreena and I stood outside working on manners, eye contact and ignoring people. She did amazingly well and I have big hopes for her when we're ready to socialize fully in public! She was successful ignoring people, greeting people, ignoring carts, ignoring the recycling carts, ignoring cars and saw the automatic doors. We'll be doing more work outside of and just inside of stores but we have four weeks to get where I'd like to see her. Not to mention she did great walking on a loose leash and giving me eye contact while walking! Such a big leap since even a week ago she refused to walk beside me!

Enjoy the poor-quality cell phone photos!
^Great eye contact!^
^A very small "up"^
^Eye contact in a small "up" with a very happy tail!^

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