Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just In Time

We got these fall photos of Eva and Eclipse just in time! These were taken 6 days ago:
These were taken in my backyard 15 minutes ago:

We rarely get snow here, and never in November! It's cold for here, as well. It stuck a bit last night but not on cement as it poured rain almost all day yesterday. This morning it was very scary driving in town, and my car slipped a bit once because someone decided to cut me off so it was either brake as easily as possible to not hit them or not and risk slipping and hitting them or not and hitting them. I was a slight emotional wreck but I was safe. I'm am deeply concerned about tonight/tomorrow though as we're supposed to get temperatures in the low 20's (that hasn't happened in YEARS and never in November) so all the moisture will freeze and everything will be very slick. The hard winter has already started.

The rest of the outing photos will be posted soon!

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  1. What's that white stuff falling from the sky!?!