Friday, November 12, 2010

Lab X Golden

Last weekend Coreena watched Galaxy and it was kind of fun to have a lab, a lab/golden cross and a pure golden! It was also fun because Tiki was 11 weeks old and Galaxy was 22 weeks old.

First up was playing at Coreena's house with Golden Eva. It took Tiki a little bit of time to observe before she decided to join but as usual once she looked on for a bit she jumped right in! This girl's got spunk!
 ^Tiki watching Galaxy and Eva run from beside me.^
 ^Galaxy and Eva playing chase^
 ^Tiki getting a little more brave, poor quality photo but the subjects are cute!^
 ^I promise, this photo is not (poorly) photoshopped!^
 ^Lab X Golden^
 ^Golden X Lab^
 ^When Tiki jumps into something she really jumps in! No holding back for this girl!^
 Next up was some more playtime and then dinner with Eclipse at my house. Really we had 7 dogs at my house (Teddy, Kira, Eclipse, Tiki, Eva, Rizzo (recovering from her spay), and Galaxy) but it didn't feel like that many especially considering two were under 6 months old! The hardest part with feeding them all dinner were the various commands! Eclipse's dinner commands are "sit, wait, okay". Galaxy's are "leave it, break". Tiki's are "sit, wait, release"! But we released everyone to eat successfully!
 ^Golden X Lab^
 ^Galaxy eating dinner^
^Tiki eating dinner^

I'm sure when Coreena gets a pup having so many dogs around will be quite the common occurence! It's fun and interesting though so all is well!

Ally w/ *just* the four kiddos

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