Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oops, My Bad!

Alex and I made a mistake with Tiki.

No, we don't regret getting her. In fact Alex is happy that he's finally getting to experience what "really" raising a puppy is like! I think he enjoys it much more than he thought he would after the bad experiences raising Eclipse and Eola!

In fact, she's doing great in almost all ways. Yeah, she's got some jumping up problems, and she's got a lot of energy, and I have to work with her on not biting my fingers off as she takes treats, and she's still not completely house-trained. Oh, that one! That's where our mistake was made!

October was unseasonably warm here. We don't have a dog door just yet but because it was so nice outside the back door was almost always open. Rather than reminding myself of Tiki's future I decided to take the easy way out and allow her access to the outside. If she could get outside, she'd potty outside. Big deal, right? Wrong! This cute little 11 week old puppy started flat out refusing to potty on leash! She's definitely got a mind of her own and she'd pee on leash for us but then she'd want to walk 10 feet away to poop! That won't work in public and it certainly won't work for somebody with mobility issues, so we decided to fix it and fast!
We've gone back to relieving her on-leash, every time unless she's in the yard playing with the other dogs, but if we take her out, it's on-leash. Not only on-leash but we'd walk out, stand in one spot and with the leash around a hand put our hands in our pockets so she didn't get anymore room to roam. After just a couple days she will now go almost immediately and in response to the command and if she needs to poop she does so quickly, within the radius of her leash.

Whew, crisis averted! Re-training leash-relieving to a 6-month-old puppy is not fun or easy! Training it to an 11-week-old, is. I'm just happy I recognized it and we took action immediately, that way we have one less error to fix later!

Ally w/Tiki (the leash-relieving pro!), Eclipse (leash-relieving, that's old news), Teddy & Kira

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