Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She's a Smartie!

I have to say Alex and I are being very spoiled with Tiki. She's a spitfire alright and has a go, go, go personality but she's also smart as a whip. At 10 weeks she can play for two hours straight and not miss a beat! She's learning a lot with just doing short clicker training sessions with her parts of her lunch and dinner and thankfully we have Eclipse to keep her entertained and to expend all that energy the rest of the time!
So far she's learning "Better Go Now" (the potty command), "Tiki" (eye contact), "Sit", "Down", "Off", "Wait", "Release", "Let's Go", "Give", "Drop", "Nudge" (poke my hand with her nose at this point), "Go In", "Come Here", "Leave It", the retrieve sequence formally as well as the play retrieve, and we've just started introducing the "Heel" position just by clicking her when she's in that position during training sessions. She's doing great! I can't wait to get her into puppy class so we can really start generalizing the commands and get some pointers where we need them!
^Reminding me that it's dinner time^

 ^In this one you can see her adorable little callick. It's almost impossible to capture in photos!^
 In other news, the big guy, Eclipse, has a vet appointment along with his sister Eva to get their kidneys checked out on Thursday at 8:20 a.m. I'm not sure what tests we're all having run although I know the blood panel will be being done. I may have to set up another appointment to do the water deprivation test so they can get an accurate reading of his actual kidney function. I'm quite afraid of the results.... kidney function usually decreases at the age of 2 in dogs that already have compromised kidneys. Eclipse's kidney function 14 months ago when it was checked was only 31%... kidney "failure" is 30%.... We're preparing ourselves to receive bad news...

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