Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Breakthroughs!

I wasn't in the best of moods or mindset today but we made some breakthroughs training-wise despite that!

Tiki; I actually got her to walk beside me on a short walk today! Granted, I had to use hot dogs but it was a major breakthrough! She would even offer me eye contact shortly after being startled by something. She was very easy to redirect for such a young pup! We're working on Shaping Polite Leash Walking with her and she's doing great. Since she arrived she hasn't wanted to walk beside anyone, she was always 1-2 feet behind unless something really exciting was in front of her, so it's a nice feeling to be getting somewhere with the encouragement to walk next to us. She also just refused to come inside because she needed to poop! Yay for progress in house-training despite our mistake!
^Eclipse, Galaxy & Tiki waiting for dinner!^

Eclipse (This is the exciting one!); I really want to train Eclipse some more intricate tasks as well as clean up some of his old ones. Namely, his "hold" which is non-existent and his "nudge" which is severely lacking and he thinks means "bite whatever I ask you to nudge". It's quite frustrating to start over on a certain task that's been allowed to be used incorrectly. His nudge we started completely over on today. Meaning, I put my hand right beside his nose and any glance or twitch toward that hand was clicked and rewarded. He's now purposefully touching my hand with his nose, although I have to be very selective to not click/treat any tongue flick or the cycle will start over of him thinking he needs to mouth everything. "Hold" went even better! I bought four Iclick clickers about a month ago and one of the amazing things about these clickers is they're super easy to click! They're so easy you can accurately click/treat using your foot to click! That's what I did today so that I could both sides of the toy we were practicing "hold" with. After a few reps of me holding both sides we eased back on my assistance and he successfully held the toy for a full 3 seconds! The most he's done before is 1 second! I was so thrilled! Getting reliable "holds" and "nudges" will open up a lot more possibilities for things to train the silly golden boy and I'm hoping a hand target will be fun enough that it will be a tool we can use for desensitizing him to the outside. More on that later.

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  1. I would love to see vidoes of Eclipse doing his amazing tricks if it's possible. :) He sounds like a silly, but intelligent golden. I have a thing for Goldens if you haven't realized.