Thursday, December 23, 2010

December Puppy Outing With CAST

The outing was a definite success! We went to a really cool place that had a small "world" that you could walk through, of MARS! It was great socialization for the pups and we all had a great time!
This time we had 7 pups along. In the back is Pepper from the Peanuts gang (She's in Formal Training with Sandy). Middle left is Terra who is from the "T" litter of poodles (Being raised by Marie), and next to her is her brother Tundra (Being raised by Sandy). Next to him is black lab/golden cross from the "Space" litter Galaxy. Front row is Joe Cool who is Pepper's brother (He's in Formal Training with Sandy but I handled him at the outing. He was raised by Vida's raiser who couldn't make it to the outing). Next is new puppy Comet who has an interesting story. She's from the "Space" litter and is being raised by Coreena. Last but not least is Twister who is from the "Games" litter. (She's in Formal Training with Sandy and was raised by puppy raising coordinator Sheila who now has Wyatt).
The connections between all these pups is kind of cool! Of course there are four litters represented here ("Peanuts Gang", "Games", "Space" and the "T" poodles) but it goes beyond that. The Peanuts pups are the great-uncles/aunts of the "T" poodles and the "Space" pups have the same dad as the "Games" litter and the same mom as the "Peanuts Gang"! It's lots of fun to see!

While the outing was a great success, getting home wasn't as successful, although we did get home safely in the end!
 It started dumping snow in the valley as soon as we got to our destination, about the same time a semi-truck flipped on the freeway, so when we got back to the pass 2.5 hours later the freeway was at a standstill and backed up for more than 20 miles!
 Once we started moving after sitting at a rest area for almost 2 hours it went fairly smoothly despite the snow on the passes.
 It was a lot of fun despite our 1 hour drive home taking 4.5 hours! I can't wait for the next outing as Tiki will be able to join us and they're just so much fun, but it may not be for a couple months since this snow storm came out of nowhere!

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  1. That looks like a furry cool meeting!
    I love all the pups in your group - those poodles are soo cute :)