Friday, December 17, 2010

Figuring The New Camera Out

There's quite a learning curve going from a point and shoot to an SLR! I'm slowly beginning to figure it out but here are some examples for your viewing pleasure/comic relief!

Well, you see, some of the photos turn out Amazing!
One of my favorite photos I have ever taken!
Coreena took this one
Coreena took this one too!
You should enlarge this one to see the water coming out of his mouth! 'Tis amazing!

And then some of them turn out not so amazing....
Like the focus is not on the correct part of the photo!
And again, focus is wrong!
And again... although that's a mighty nice weed!
And sometimes just the entire picture is wrong. Wrong lighting. Wrong focus. Wrong frame. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

But it's still fun trying to figure it all out!

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