Friday, December 3, 2010


Finally, here are more photos from the outing almost two weeks ago! My Picassa web albums ran out of storage and I had to convince myself to just create another account to post from!
 ^Tundra relaxing^
^Terra being pretty!^
 ^Snoopy, "Jump"^
 Tundra's telling Terra a secret she doesn't seem real fond of!
 Wyatt and Tundra relaxed on the bench. Don't have to tell them to chill more than once!
Goldendoodle (Snoopy), Poodle (Terra), Labradoodle (Wyatt), Poodle (Tundra), Goldendoodle (Vida)
 Good pups!
 Terra checking out the escalator (no pups got on the escalator, they were just looking) while Vida looks on from the left and Wyatt and Tundra look on from the right.
 Tundra's turn!
 Terra (okay, so I have a thing for photographing the poodles, so kill me!)
 Wyatt is learning to drive!
 Snoopy doesn't want to be a passenger, he wants to drive too!
Next up was going "under" benches. Tundra seems proud of himself, or maybe it's just that his mom was proud of him!

Then there was a puppy switch, all the photos after the switch either came out bad (BOO!) or have people's faces in them.
Outside Sheila demonstrated with Terra how to do the "about-turns". For those of us that coordination-ally challenged they're complicated, well, the mechanics are complicated!
Beautiful Vida!

I can't wait for the next outing! January, hurry up!

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