Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some Lasts

Not lasts for any dog/person in the house, yet some lasts all the same. These are some of the last photos to be taken on my camera with it being "my" camera... Don't worry, though, I'm getting a new one. I'll be ordering my new camera next weekend (or purchasing it locally) and since my in-laws don't have a camera they begged to buy the Fujifilm off us, so we're letting them. And since we're going over there this weekend we're just going to give it to them then. No pictures for a week! AH!
This was so cute! Teddy isn't a huge cuddler with other dogs (unless it's his "wife", Kira) so when he curled up with Eclipse on the dog bed it was too cute to not take a picture of!
 ^14 week old Tiki^
 Teddy being spoiled at the in-law's last weekend. I swear, he's treated like a king there!
Tiki this morning, 15 weeks 2 days. For those of you that just use google reader, Tiki weighs 27 lbs now! She's reliably gaining 2.5 lbs a WEEK right now. She gets her last shots next week, then we'll start going on outings to the pet stores to get her public manners and leash walking more generalized then we'll start going on bigger and bigger outings! She's been in public a couple times, that time outside of Safeway and then a couple weeks ago she went to Sprint with us. She did great! I just need to work more on her doing behaviours in a "heel" or "side" position rather than in front of me facing me. We're working on it and making progress!

She's still proving to be quite a fun pup! She's extremely smart and motivated and is learning self-control very very well. Once Mattie arrives home we'll be putting Tiki and Mattie in an obedience class together. I'm thinking Tiki will either be the star of the class or make me hang my head in disappointment (at myself)! Such is puppy raising, you never know until you have them in that or a very similar situation!

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