Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help Find Angus


Please Crosspost all over -

Angus is small stocky German shepherd who was lost from
712 Iowa Ave
in Colorado Springs,
he is microchipped and has on a yellow home again tag .

Please crosspost and help Dianna find her dog.
If you find Angus call Dianna at 719-223-9585

or call Connie Williams at GSDRColorado at 719-836-0594 or 719-207-0323

or Call the home again number on his tag .

Connie Palmer WilliamsGerman Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado "
"but, I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep...

Robert Frost

Monday, July 26, 2010

Shooting Range

Alex and his step-dad went shooting above the house while Eclipse and I stayed behind to gage how he would do. He didn't flinch at all when the very loud shots went off (it's a very powerful pistol, but I'm not a gun person and have no idea what it was) so later when Alex wanted to shoot the less powerful rifle we decided to take Eclipse with and see how he did.
He did great! He'd flinch a bit when the shots rang but he recovered very quickly and was never once stressed enough to try and run (he was leashed on "the farm" for the first time for safety) and was never too freaked to accept turkey bacon, so it was a success! We'll continue exposing him to quieter gunfire and maybe someday will train him to be an actual retriever. All in good time, though!

Continue reading, there are 7 more posts below this one of our fun/adveture/exposure-filled weekend!

Around The Farm

Okay, so it's not really a farm. It's just a big giant lot of land in the hills of Western Oregon. It's a great place and we love taking Eclipse there!

Muscle Cars & Friends

Eclipse got to ride in my MIL's Camaro this weekend.
I was afraid he'd be stressed in a different car with a smaller area for him to be
I needn't have worried though, he seemed to enjoy the smaller space and being closer to us. He's a little stressed in this picture because Alex had gotten out of the car and he doesn't like being left behind.
This is my BIL's new puppy, Kaluah
MIL's almost 6 year old min-pin "Missy"

We Love It Too

We love the beach! It affords some amazing photo opportunities!

Warning: The following could be offensive to some although it's just nature

The gull brought this crab onto the beach, the following is their fight

Round 1: The Gull
The crab grabbed onto the gull's chest and the gull kept hold of him

Round 2: The Crab
We thought that maybe the gull dropped the crab...
But we were wrong!

Round 3: The Gull
The gull is the winner in this battle
The leftovers provided a good test of Eclipse's ability to focus on his handler.
As you can see his passed the test with flying colors!
Pictures of people and their dogs down the beach. This photo is unedited and shows how foggy it was
Edited photo of an old golden and two border collies who were in love with their balls!

Eclipse Loves The Destination

A close up of the above photo