Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fun Times With SDITs!

Today Coreena and I took Comet and Tiki to Petco on their first outing together. It was extremely successful! Pups weren't stressed, she behaved well and remained on loose leashes and we even helped a reactive dog learn to be a little less reactive. Tomorrow we have a fun day planned of Lowe's and the college book store and we'll see where else we end up.
 We also weighed the girls. Tiki weighed in at a whopping 37 lbs on her 20 week day! And then there's little miss Comet, at 7 months 3 days old she weighs a whole 33 lbs! Tiki is 4 lbs bigger while 11 weeks younger! I think it's safe to say Comet will stay small but Tiki should be quite large for a female!
Here you can see how far away we were from Snoopy the reactive Pit Bull. More than 2 lanes between us but his threshold distance quickly lessened.
Snoopy, the reactive Pit Bull. Removed from his littermates at 3 weeks of age and very very little socialization will do that, but he's so sweet and thankfully his family are determined to help him improve!

More later!

Ally w/Tiki, Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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