Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making The Rounds

Last week Tiki, Comet, Coreena, Max and I made the rounds around town.
First stop? The vets' office to get current weights on the girls of course!
Tiki weighed 43 lbs
And little teeny Comet weighed 35 lbs
Then we hit up Petco, where Comet got friendly with the rats and asked Max if she could have one as a pet...
While Tiki decided to be a bit more reserved and asked for a fish...
They were both told no and especially no about even thinking about asking for snakes or tarantulas!

 Then we made our way to another park. In fact the same park where Eclipse and Eva's "senior pictures" were taken :-D
First they posed on a bench...
then decided to pose on the playground equipment
 Tiki got a taste of what it'll be like when she goes back for advanced training at the prison
 Comet lent her support
 They decided to scope out the park from their mighty perch
 And gave the rocking, grate bridge a shot.
 Comet didn't mind it one bit. Tiki took a little while to warm up to it.
 While they were just standing around they looked out over the lands below.
 Before Tiki decided to go abstract.
(She's strange I tell ya. Do you believe me now?)
And if kids can do it, so can Tiki!
 She decided since she was in the safety of their fortress she could afford to relax for a moment.
Although it didn't last long...
 Since she had to fly the helicopter!
And of course she looked absolutely stunning while doing so!

Comet didn't trust Tiki, the puppy's, judgement, so bailed. Whew! Good thing they hadn't taken off yet!
Comet suggested maybe they'd be better off going for a ride with someone else flying the 'copter.
That idea quickly fizzled though when they realized how little room there was for passengers!
So the humans stepped in and just suggested they pose next to the helicopter before heading home.

Oh, making the rounds with two cute pups is sure fun!

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