Friday, January 28, 2011

Slacking, yet again

Okay, so I've been slacking at my blogging. I'll try and do better, I promise! For now enjoy these random pictures from the past couple weeks. (By the way, a week ago Tiki weighed 43 lbs! At barely 5 months old! At a steady weight gain of 2.5-3 lbs a week that puts her at 45 lbs now. I wonder if she'll slow down this rate of growth anytime soon!)
 Tiki and Eclipse are best buds. Don't worry though, she's not bigger than him... YET!
 AWW! She melts my heart, despite the fact that she's a persistent little twit sometimes!
 Eclipse still has to practice his manners too, even though he's just a spoiled rotten pet now. Here I had him do a "stay" with an implied "leave it" while I left the room! Despite being SUPER food motivated now he left all that yummy salmon kibble alone for 3 minutes :-D
 Tiki and I helped that reactive pit bull again. She did great and it was so good for her to learn to listen to cues despite other dogs making noise and not behaving.
 We've been having a nice, welcome warm streak. Tiki obviously enjoyed it and I took the opportunity to rescue all the drowned stuffed toys!
 In an attempt to eat healthier and cut calories I gave the dogs my egg yolks this morning. Well, Eclipse, Kira and Teddy anyway.
Part of Tiki's daily training is holding a "wait" while the other dogs are given the "okay". She did so nicely despite the added discraction of a novel food and got rewarded with yummy treats!

More to come soon!

Ally w/Eclipse, Tiki, Teddy & Kira


  1. Berry good training, bravo. youzz guys have more patience than I do. Yer doggies are berry handsome. I bet they love to play. Me too.

    Golden licks, Lady

  2. Beautiful pics. Wait command is a favorite of my moms. She uses it a little TOO often. Ugh!