Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Of Celebration-Sunday Edition

Sunday we decided to do something that would allow Eclipse to experience something he's never gotten to be for. Originally we were going to take him to Whistler's park but we decided to go somewhere more remote, and more fun! Want to know what we did? How bout you just take a look for yourself?
He was truly in his element. It's kind of strange to see him SOOO comfortable in a new place, but very very nice at the same time!
Tiki was on a long-line, you just can't see it in most of the pictures.
Tiki will follow him anywhere!
 We don't usually get much ice at our elevation in this area, but up in the mountains they sure do!
 Tiki didn't have any qualms about following me up on this snow covered log, she just sprang right up there!
Eclipse considered it for a moment
 Yet decided to take the easy way out :-D
 Tiki's exuberance and joy were boundless and quite contagious!
He was investigating. I love watching him use his nose!
(The colors on the tree are paintballs. They have tournaments up there in the summer)
The love their dad and love to play and run with him
 Yet still Eclipse's comfort and joy made my heart swell
Then when Eclipse laid down and relaxed in the car... I was so happy! He got to be out in nature and be free like he loves so much and then he was calm enough to lay down in the car. I don't think the day could have gone any better!
 Of course the puppy joined him

Weekend Of Celebration-Saturday Edition

I kind of devoted the whole weekend to celebrating the anniversary of Eclipse coming home. I think Alex thought I got a little carried away, but he should just wait until next year when Eclipse gets a cake and maybe a couple presents as well!

This year the only present he got was spending lots of time with us, doing things we thought he'd love. Turns out we were right and the things we went out to do were rivaled only by getting to spend inordinate amounts of time cuddling on the couch and bed as well. Spoiled little golden, although I don't think he lets it go to his head.

Saturday we went and explored the new walking trail that connects our small outlying towns to the larger town in the area. It's the county's attempt at promoting a healthier community and it just may work, although it's something like 10 miles just to get to town from our house, not to mention around town. I think the path will become one of our walking destinations.
Eclipse was even so kind as to invite his little "sister" Tiki along. 
Here she is showing off her mad loose leash walking skills!
 Once we got away from the few other people checking out the foot bridge that goes under the freeway bride I let Eclipse have his own leash. He's so much more relaxed and the path is fully fenced, other than at each end which we were far away from.
 Nor does it hurt that he trots ahead a ways then circles back to be with us and then trots ahead again. He doesn't go far, thus the freedom he gets.
 He'll even stick with me if I ask him to do so, even if his dad and sister are somewhere else!
I just love how relaxed he is "off-leash"!
We even took the time to work Tiki a bit. Here she is practicing an off-lead "let's go" and she did great, even with Eclipse running around like a goon!
Then sit-stays for each of them. They did great! Want to know what captured Eclipse's attention?
These two little ones and their mama!
Eclipse looking handsome and super comfortable on the bridge
And together we looked and pondered what the next year together will bring. Only good, we hope!
How we celebrated Sunday will come soon, maybe later today, maybe tomorrow, but soon! Don't worry, it was definitely more exciting than our freeway walk!