Sunday, February 27, 2011


Eclipse came home as our pet one year ago today! In fact we arrived back to town almost to the minute one year ago! We had a lot of fun with the boy and the tag-along Tiki but I haven't had a chance to edit the pictures yet so our weekend photos will have to wait, but here's a teaser for you!
As we head into year 2 with the boy home as a very happy pet we're looking at more ways to help him handle his anxiety. I'm going to take an obedience class or two with him and possibly some agility classes and rally-o if we can find them local. We're also going to look into getting a calming cap for him to wear in the car since I think a lot of his anxiety in the car is from seeing things coming at him and going by so fast. We'll see, though, we may end up purchasing a specific type of vehicle so that he can't see out but that decision will be made in time. He's doing so good and has come so far in the past year, and don't worry, his service dog training wasn't wasted. One of his favorite tasks is to hand me my towels after I shower each day and he loves to open the fridge and close it for us. If the remote ever falls on the floor, don't you worry, the Roo will get it for you! He's such a sweet, darling boy and if we can get his anxiety to a managable level I have high hopes for where we'll go together! (Who knows, maybe a trip to Alaska is in the not-too-distant future for the boy and us!)

Really, though, I couldn't be happier with the dog he is today and how content and happy he is just being a pet. He loves everyday and he always wakes up with a smile on his face, that is if you can catch sight of him before he has a teddy bear firmly griped for his morning wiggles!

Happy anniversary, baby boy! Hope we have many many more to come!


  1. Add our congrats on your anniversary too!! I hope you have many many more wonderful years together!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, that is wonderful :) We're glad you have each other!