Sunday, February 20, 2011


Turns out it's not only the bathtubs Tiki's infatuated with, it's widened out to encompass our stand-up shower as well. It's quite interesting to open the shower door and have a 50 lbs lab puppy walk in and stand with you!
Yeah, she really is that big! This was almost a month ago!
Tiki at 5.5 months walking to the park with Alex. She walks so well on leash and I think it's from starting to shape polite leash walking as soon as she came home. It's true for leash training, the sooner you start, the better!
Eclipse chilling while we played some basketball.
He and Tiki couldn't run loose this day because a couple were playing tennis.

^Be still my heart. This is the comfortable, calm Eclipse that we like to see!^
 Aww, my sweet girl! If Kira were smarter and didn't bark compulsively she'd be the best dog EVER! As it is, she comes close!
 ^I love when these two play together although they usually stop when someone even looks at them so photos are a rare treat! And mind you, Teddy used to hate toys, now he uses them in play with the other dogs!

 ^HAHA! I love this picture of Kira! Cracks me up! I think it's time for another spring-shaving for the girl, it's been a couple years. Soon she'll be a cute little fuzz-ball instead of a hair-ball!
 ^The two lightest dogs sharing the Costco dog bed^
^Doesn't he look thrilled? He likes playing in water but detests baths^


  1. Would you mind explaining what "polite leash shaping is?" I have an idea but wanted to figure what you guys are doing.

    With me, I teach them to walk beside me sans leash and then add it in later. So far five dogs down and we're doing good.

  2. What wonderful pictures, I really enjoy seeing them all!