Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tiki At 6 Months

Tiki turned 6 months old yesterday, I can hardly believe it!

She's such a big puppy still and so goofy and uncoordinated at times. She's right around 50 lbs at this point although her next weigh-in isn't until next week. Since she turned 6 months old here's 6 things you may just not know about the girl!

She's got some of the most piercing eyes! Seriously, when she looks at you it feels like she's looking straight through you!
She plays tirelessly with the new kitten. (The new kitten is Mowgli, Coreena's adult cat Elijah wasn't adjusting to him being around like hoped for so he came to live with us. No, we don't have 3 cats, the brothers we adopted awhile ago ran off and we haven't seen sign of them since.)

She loves when I hold my hand over the end of the chair and she just spins in circles letting my hand scritch her favorite spots.
(Her legs don't look so disproportionally long in real life, I think...)
Infatuated doesn't begin to explain how she feels about stuffed Kongs. Thankfully it tires her out. The girl has boundless energy!
(Enjoying her mid-morning stuffed Kong. Canned pumpkin, plain yogurt and soaked kibble)
She's going through a major fear-period. If she can she'll run away from anything "scary".
(Running from a scary Airdale that was completely ignoring her)
One of her favorite things is to go to the tennis courts and play fetch with her big golden brother. Of course they each have a ball, Tiki carries a tennis ball and Eclipse carries a chuck-it ball.
(Practicing obedience despite Dad playing basketball and Eclipse playing with a ball)

We don't know when she's going back exactly yet. It could be a whole year from now but we may cut it short by four months so we don't have to worry about winter weather amongst other things. If she's going to make it she'll be ready for the prison in 8 months... although I don't know if I'll be ready to tell her goodbye since it will be goodbye for good. She won't be coming home if she's career changed, no matter how far she burrows into our hearts. Whether she has 8 or 12 months left in our home, we really wouldn't have it any other way. She's just great and fun to train since she loves to learn!

Tiki, we love you and I love you for showing your daddy how much fun raising a future assistance dog really is! Thanks for an amazing four months together so far and hopefully many more to come!

Ally & Alex w/Eclipse, Tiki, Teddy & Kira

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