Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Of Celebration-Sunday Edition

Sunday we decided to do something that would allow Eclipse to experience something he's never gotten to be for. Originally we were going to take him to Whistler's park but we decided to go somewhere more remote, and more fun! Want to know what we did? How bout you just take a look for yourself?
He was truly in his element. It's kind of strange to see him SOOO comfortable in a new place, but very very nice at the same time!
Tiki was on a long-line, you just can't see it in most of the pictures.
Tiki will follow him anywhere!
 We don't usually get much ice at our elevation in this area, but up in the mountains they sure do!
 Tiki didn't have any qualms about following me up on this snow covered log, she just sprang right up there!
Eclipse considered it for a moment
 Yet decided to take the easy way out :-D
 Tiki's exuberance and joy were boundless and quite contagious!
He was investigating. I love watching him use his nose!
(The colors on the tree are paintballs. They have tournaments up there in the summer)
The love their dad and love to play and run with him
 Yet still Eclipse's comfort and joy made my heart swell
Then when Eclipse laid down and relaxed in the car... I was so happy! He got to be out in nature and be free like he loves so much and then he was calm enough to lay down in the car. I don't think the day could have gone any better!
 Of course the puppy joined him

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  1. Those are some wonderful pictures! He and Tiki both look like they had a blast. :) I hope you have many more anniversaries together.