Friday, June 3, 2011

New Adventures!

Sorry, I've been a slacker, again...

First, I'll show you a major breakthrough we had with "the boy".
Why yes, that is The Boy laying down in the car! I'm so happy you figured it out! The best part, this was on the way to our outing, not on the way back after hours of mental/physical exertion. Notice a difference from past pictures? That's right, he's not in the backseat, he's on the floorboard at my feet. He still displays some mild stress signals, especially when the car slows to make a turn or comes to a stop, but he's so much more comfortable and hopefully soon he'll be just fine! (This is even without L-Theanine which we ran out of but will replenish soon as we noticed a vast improvement in his anxiety levels while on it)

Now, onto the outing and why it was such an adventure.

Well, first, isn't Tiki turning into a gorgeous dog!?! I may be slightly biased, but I find her to be a gorgeous lab and her frame is nearly perfect!
Okay, no more distractions.
HEHE! Okay, enough.

For those of you that have read my blogs since I started blogging you may recall that I have never had a dog that really likes to swim. Kira will wade up to her stomach if there's something interesting in the water (leafs are very interesting, don't ya know?) and Eclipse will get in the water but he's not big on the act of swimming yet.

Well, Tiki's a different story! A couple weekends ago we went to the lake to go fishing and have a barbecue and took along the retrievers. After awhile of no bites fishing and the other people that were there left Alex grabbed a couple tennis balls and we decided to give the dogs a little exercise. Well, if you haven't caught on yet, Tiki's a major dork, potentially a bigger dork than Eclipse although that's still up for debate. So, the dorky dog literally rolled a tennis ball into the lake. Of course she rolled it hard enough that it was out of reach of us short-limbed humans so we encouraged Tiki to get the ball. It took a few tries but eventually she gave us this:
Um, yeah, not so successful. And yes, her head went way under so she chickened out and came back to shore. (Notice Eclipse in the supportive big brother role? Yeah right, he was just waiting to tackle her!)

 Yet there was still promise:
And success! She's a driven dog, who may or may not be slightly obsessed with tennis balls, which we may or may not be working to fix when she's "working", which we may or may not be using Eclipse to help with...
So she wasn't so graceful, at least we got the tennis ball back!

Then she asked nicely so I tossed it back in the water a short way.
 This time went much more smoothly. 
 She kind of reminds me of an otter.
 See, not so supportive, just wanted to play!
We even used the time to practise impulse control with her in a sit/stay when the ball was being thrown. She looks so grown up! It's not fair, she was barely 9 months old that weekend!
Although this picture helps a little
 It reminds me of just after she got home... so much has changed since then!

This post is pretty long and full of pictures, so check back in the next few days for more pictures, more adventures and more TIKI! 

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