Friday, August 5, 2011


Over two months with no blogs! Part of it I blame on not having a functioning computer, but that only accounts for half of that time! Now, I have a functioning computer, but one that doesn't like to read memory cards. I promise, I have pictures, lots and lots of pictures, just no way to upload them right now.

Some of our fun adventures, Tiki's in obedience class and almost a year old, Eclipse went camping for his first time ever and Teddy went for the first time in 6 years, Lucy is visiting again (oh, I haven't blogged about her. She's a month younger than Tiki, is a golden retriever and this time is staying for 9 days while her owners are on a honeymoon), we just won a collar from L^2 & Jack's collar raffle, the auction starts Monday so help as you can, um... yeah. Lots to update on, little motivation to do so! I'll post pictures when I can!

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