Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shame shame

I got pictures! The shame part is they're from 3.5 months ago!

 The goldens don't care to cooperate, usually.
Case in point: She looks cute and he looks like he sat on a corn cob

He looks cute and she looks like she's been denied her last meal of steak and potatoes

The only thing that they look cute together for? A dog, of course
(I'm not going to admit how many bloopers could be posted right now) 
 Alex making goofy noises only worked so much...
You may have noticed there were no individual pictures of Comet...
Yeah, she wasn't so comfortable up there so we let her get down. I'll try and get some pictures of her at her (hopeful) graduation next year, though!

There are more pictures from the archives to come, bear with me