Saturday, August 27, 2011

Still No Pictures

Sorry, but all's well here. Tiki's doing well and looks great in her new collar. Eclipse is such a momma's boy it's not even funny. Teddy and Kira are their normal, easy-to-live-with selves. Nothing much going on, other than it's been hot and we've been kind of miserable.

Oh, yeah, and I'm pregnant. We welcomed little Carter into the world 10 days ago. In 6 months we'll (hopefully) be welcoming a healthy little one into our home. I'm 13 weeks today and all is well. We have another ultrasound on Wednesday that we're looking forward to. We're doing things a little different than most people choose to, though. We're not going to find out the gender of this baby! We're excited, scared, anxious, and so happy for this little one! We've been trying since May of last year, so it's been awhile coming. It's okay, though, because we're well on our way now!

I'll try to update again soon... you know, on the dogs that this blog is about.

Ally w/Eclipse, Tiki, Teddy & Kira

Friday, August 5, 2011


Over two months with no blogs! Part of it I blame on not having a functioning computer, but that only accounts for half of that time! Now, I have a functioning computer, but one that doesn't like to read memory cards. I promise, I have pictures, lots and lots of pictures, just no way to upload them right now.

Some of our fun adventures, Tiki's in obedience class and almost a year old, Eclipse went camping for his first time ever and Teddy went for the first time in 6 years, Lucy is visiting again (oh, I haven't blogged about her. She's a month younger than Tiki, is a golden retriever and this time is staying for 9 days while her owners are on a honeymoon), we just won a collar from L^2 & Jack's collar raffle, the auction starts Monday so help as you can, um... yeah. Lots to update on, little motivation to do so! I'll post pictures when I can!