Friday, June 22, 2012


Tiki handled the flights (she was on three different flights, a total of 5ish hours in the air but 9 hours traveling!) great, she seemed a bit stressed and exhausted when she arrived but no major issues. I cried when she left with the volunteer that flew with her, she didn't want to leave but I'm happy she made it ok.

She's been in the prison for a month yesterday and is doing well. I was told yesterday that I should be proud of her so I'm excited to see where she ends up! I do wish I'd had more faith in her, but not being able to see her potential just proves to me that I need to be done raising for the foreseeable future.

Onto the little man! Blake got bronchitis the Monday after Tiki left, it was horrible and scary but he's all better now. He had bronichitis, a double ear infection and sinus infection. Poor little man was miserable. He now weighs 14.4 lbs at 3.5 months old which puts him in the 55th percentile. He's such a fun little guy, he talks and coos constantly and graces us with huge smiles first thing in the morning and all day after that. It's hard to have a bad day with such a happy baby around!

These pictures are from my phone but I have a ton on my camera I need to upload and edit :-D
 The dogs obviously love him. Anytime I put his floor time rug on the floor Eclipse just waits to lay down next to Blake. Blake loves his floor time, he prefers his back but often when he fusses he just wants to be put on his back to look around
 Hard to believe just a little over 3 months ago he was little man. Babies are such miracles and motherhood is spectacular, although absolutely nothing like raising a puppy at this point!