Saturday, October 13, 2012

We're Still Here

We're still here, still alive, still happy, but a lot is changing.

Blake is 7 months old now and so happy, so silly, so expressive and so talkative. He's passionate and determined and hilarious. He's the joy of our lives and we feel like we have this parenting thing "down" (*rolls eyes* no one ever has parenting down, it's forever throwing something new your way)! He's been on reflux medicine since he was two months old, it has an absolutely disgusting flavor. Last month he figured out how to spit it all out when we'd give it to him (twice a day on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before his next feed...) so we started mixing it with the lowest sugar content juice we could find which worked for all of 5 weeks. Now he refuses to take it at all, he keeps his mouth firmly closed and if you can get it between his lips he keeps his teeth closed or his tongue up so it sprays everywhere but his mouth. So for the third time in 3 months we're trying to see if he can go without it... We're almost to the fourth missed dose and we're okay so far but we'll have to see. I'm really hoping he does ok because this weekend Alex is camping/hunting, next Saturday we have to be out of town all day and the following weekend we're supposed to be moving!

That's right, we're supposed to be closing on a house in 13 days! (10/26/2012) We have a lot of packing left to do and only one full day in which to accomplish it.

The dogs are well, Kira's almost 9! She's still sweet and goofy and relaxed. Teddy is 8.5 and spends most of his day in the most comfortable/darkest place he can find but is still my first baby. Eclipse, he's still such a spazzy, goofy golden boy! He's almost 4 years old and I've just recently started working with him everyday again. Hopefully daily training will help his house behavior, I'm kicking myself for getting so out of touch with my poor dogs!

The dogs love Blake, well Teddy will learn to, and we couldn't be happier with where our family is right now. That's a lie, Alex could have a different job, he hasn't gotten all of his hours since Blake was born but all else is well.

Tiki girl is still in training, I've heard she's doing well but that's the extent of it.

I think I'll try posting more. I know this isn't really a parenting blog but that's where I'm at in life right now so I'll use it :-)


P.S. for those wondering, yes, I already have puppy fever!

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