Saturday, November 24, 2012

A New Chapter

Blake is 8.5 months old now and doing great! We visited the elephant barn today for an event they had going on. It was nice and relaxed and we got to be there for just over an hour which meant we got to talk to the elephant department supervisor, Dinah a lot. It was fun, it was nice to be around the elephants again, we got to pet George a lot and the best news, I get to go back! We don't know when there will be an opening but Dinah said maybe the board will let her hire someone for the summer. I know how to make sure I get any position that opens up so for now life is just about enjoying my time with my son and getting healthy so that when I get the call there's a position open I won't have any regrets!

I can't wait to go work with the elephants again. If you could only look into their eyes and just sit and observe them for a bit, you'd probably understand my need to return. The smell of the barn, the sweetness with a little bit of must, it's not to be matched.

More soon, I'm sure. Just had to share!

(No recent update on Tiki... hopefully we'll hear soon!)


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