Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just Like Mommy

Our boy needs his sleep, just like his mommy.

We moved, we're still unpacking but everything's to the new house from the old house and life can finally start getting back to normal. Normal meaning Blake nurses every 3.5-4 hours, and naps after being awake for 2 hours during the day. While we were moving and cleaning up the old house, that didn't happen. We had one grumpy, emotional, very overtired baby on our hands! After only a couple days spent mostly at home, though he's back to his happy go-lucky self and is easily going to sleep again!

I love my boy but sleep is a necessity!

He's so cute! He's 8 months old now and is quite mobile, although not in the traditional crawling fashion. If he's sitting he scoots on his butt and can turn in circles and if he lays down he just rolls all over the place. He'll roll, stop and look to see where his target is and then adjust to roll to it. It's hilarious and endearing to watch. He's such a comedian, I don't know if there's anything this boy loves more than making people laugh, besides laughing himself, and milk of course! He loves the dogs and laughs like crazy when they get the zoomies, and they love him. Even Teddy has gone up to him just to kiss his face.

The dogs are well. Kira's almost 9 and looks like her left eye has a cataract, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's mostly blind before too long but she's still happy and playful and entertaining. Eclipse is his goofy self and Teddy... well, Teddy is Teddy; neurotic and bossy and anal, but a big love and sweet as pie. Our new house (we are buying it so we won't be moving again any time soon!) is in an area that has a lot of walking options so once we get settled in a bit more and Blake is fully back on his schedule expect more posts of canine adventures and pictures. For now, enjoy these few pictures but keep in mind I didn't get to vacuum for 3 days because our vacuum was at the old house and we only have one car now that Alex had at work during the day!

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