Monday, December 23, 2013



She's a 3 year old female standard poodle that we rescued from California. The timing of her arrival was both accidental and fortunate. She's help fill the void that Teddy leaving has left. She's been here 4 weeks now and is fitting in almost flawlessly. She's now getting comfortable enough to really start training and she enjoys playing with Eclipse and Kira. Blake loves her and Alex, well, let's just say he thought he wouldn't be a poodle guy but he totally is!

We received Orijen freeze-dried treats from to review and they've helped River adjust so much! She even let me clip her face, feet and sanitary without fuss due to the treats being so high value. She even almost completely relaxes which was so nice to see since the first time we clipped her it took her a week to forgive us! Thank you, for helping our new girl adjust to her forever home!
They're all very excited abput these treats!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Never Thought I'd Post This

Teddy went to a new home today.... We were going to get all his vet work done and see how he did, but then we realized he'd never be comfortable with little kids in the house and it wasn't fair to him. He's such an amazing dog, I think I'll always miss his presence but I think we found the perfect home for him, where he can be an old dog that sleeps on the furniture and doesn't have to deal with kids. To me, dogs are forever, and don't deserve to go to a new home because you've had kids BUT it wasn't fair to Teddy. His new owners are aware of the vet care he needs and will take great care of him. They have experience helping dogs live years with heart disease and called within 1.5 hours of leaving with him to let us know how he was doing.

My heart is broken, my boy is gone. I never thought I'd say goodbye to him until the day he died. I know he's where he needs to be but that doesn't take the pain away.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Teddy Bear

I know it's been a long time since I've updated! While I have a lot of bragging to do about Blake, life has been kind of blase for my poor dogs recently, thus not many posts. That's about to change to some extent, though.

Teddy and Kira are getting older. Teddy is 9.5 and Kira is almost 10 (in 18 days!) and with their older age come issues. Teddy's the focus right now. He was diagnosed with heart disease today. He had a chest x-ray that showed his heart being 1.5 cm bigger than average size with some rounding on both the left and the right. He's also got a small amount of liquid in his lungs. He's on a diuretic, heart medication and an antibiotic (due to his teeth) right now and will get another set of x-rays in 2-3 weeks. If the meds are making some improvement at that time we'll run his basic blood work to see if he's healthy enough to undergo surgery to have his teeth cleaned and the bad ones removed. We're just hoping, at this point, that the meds make some improvement.

It's likely to be an adventure. He's my first old dog, and I have to say, it's sad. Hopefully this will all help him as we're looking at spending upwards of $800-$1000 that we don't really have to spend in the next month or so to get him in as good of shape as we can.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NOT a mommy blogger

Apparently I'm just not a mommy blogger! It's hard to keep up with all the new things Blake does but mostly, I don't post a ton about him because it's impossible for me to put into words what being his mom is like. He's such a special, magnetic little guy that I want him to share him with everyone but for me, it's true that there's nothing that equals being a mom and there's no way to adequately express it!

We have had a few bumps in the road, mostly with Teddy. I start a part time job in a little over a month so we'll get our old dogs to the vet for some care and see when we'll be adding another puppy to the chaos! I'll try to post more as I'll be taking more "me time" breaks (which will usually include a dog or two or three!) and I'll try to remember to grab the camera for those outings/walks/runs/whatevers.

I'm still around, still reading but mostly from my phone so my rare commenting has turned to no commenting. Yeah, I know, I'm just so on top of things!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Perfect Match!

Tiki found the perfect match! Team Training is more than halfway over now and from what I can see, it couldn't be going any better!

She's been matched with a young man and will be helping him in a variety of ways. He's already contacted me to thank us for raising his "best friend" and we couldn't be happier with where Tiki's ended up! She'll be helping him as he raises funds for Muscular Dystrophy and we already couldn't be prouder of her or her new partner!

I will share more if I get permission from her partner but know, this is amazing!
Go forth, Tiki and Adam! You will do amazing things together!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 12, 2013

March 12th couldn't have been a better day (okay, it could have if I'd gotten a job and had family to watch Blake while I worked!) because not only did we find out Tiki is in team training but it was also released that the Wildlife Safari got a new elephant!!! They've been working on getting a new cow to be with Alice and George since Tiki (the elephant) died in October, 2010. To read that not only did they find the perfect girl but she was donated absolutely brought me to tears. I remember 7 years ago the fundraising and stress and heartache that went into trying to purchase a new elephant for the park and to know that the elephant barn's fundraising efforts now get to go towards a new habitat for the elephants instead of buying a new one, wow.

Tava sounds like a perfect match and I hope to meet her this week. I may get a special meeting with her because I have a working interview at the Safari on Saturday!! It's not with the elephants but it is working with animals and children! If I get the job I'd be working with the education department helping run day camps and overnight camps this summer as well as school tours and taking care of animals and arts and crafts. I hope it works out. It is a bit of a double-edged sword, though. I don't want to leave Blake but I know the easiest way for me to do so is to be somewhere I love and the park is "home". I hope it works out and I hope we find the perfect sitter for Blake.

Okay, really, I promise Blake's 1 year post is coming but right now I need to contact some sitters! :-D

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


After 10 Long months we finally have a solid idea of Tiki's future, well we will soon! Team training starts next Monday (the 18th) and Tiki-girl is (hopefully) one of the six dogs that will be placed! I'm so excited for my girl! I'm a little sad for Alex, though. He was really hoping she'd get to come home and be his dog, it's hard for him to have 3 dogs in the house who are all my dogs but I'm sure he'll be happy for her handler and her next week.

Unless I'm mistaken (it's hard to see with the lighting) Tiki is the black lab on the far left, still a silly girl

P.S. Blake's ONE YEAR post coming soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still With The Limbo

Well Alex didn't get the full time position (the son of two supervisors did, I hate work place politics) and it's yet to be determined if he will be getting restricted to 3 days a week so we're muddling through unsure about what our financial position is currently.

As it stands now, I will be working at least this summer. I'm really hoping to work with some animals at the Wildlife Safari but it won't be the elephant barn as they don't have the budget for another person. However when the supervisor called me to let me know she made it clear that I'm welcome there to volunteer and if they had the budget I'd be the one they'd hire. That gives me hope that when there is an opening I'll get to go back to my beloved elephant barn to work with George and Alice. If I don't go back to the Safari I'll certainly be going somewhere.

Blake's surgery followup is Tuesday, we have some concerns and are so hopeful they won't have to do a repeat surgery but we'll find out then.

As for a puppy... we don"t know. If I get a job soon we'll have to discuss it. While me working means there are more funds available for raising and dog care it also means there's less time for me to work with the dogs. Since I'll be working at a job that a puppy couldn't go to me with (unless he were to stay in the kennels which may be feasible depending on the department I'm in) it's something we'll have to seriously consider. It also depends on if a pup would be able to be flown up to us as we're obviously in no position to be driving 1800 miles to get a pup to raise.

There's more going on but it doesn't belong on a simple little blog like this :-) I'm not sure what this blog is besides a hybrid of a puppy raising and mommy blog (IF I puppy raise that is) but I think I should get back into posting more regularly, it really helps me put our situation in perspective!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changes Be A-Comin

Changes are coming to our home. Either Alex gets a new, full-time position at work or he's going to be taken down to 3 day work weeks so his employer can get around providing insurance or paying the fine. I may be working part-time somewhere or I may be babysitting for my sister a couple days a week or I may be staying home with Blake like I have been. I may start teaching some low-cost obedience classes but we'll see. We may be getting a new little one, or we may not.

I don't handle all of this being in limbo very well but it's where we are right now so we have to power through.

As for the dogs. Kira and Teddy are getting older. Teddy needs teeth pulled and then we'll have to decide if he's just too insecure and scared to live here with Blake (breaks my heart to even consider it, he's my first baby but if it's not fair to keep him here then what option do we have?). Kira's 9.5 and doing well but she's going blind and has a fatty tumor on her side and I worry about her. Eclipse, he's still his eccentric self and still a puppy at heart, although I don't think that will ever change with him.

Blake is a happy happy guy but he got gluten last weekend so has been clingy and not feeling very well. He's also getting at least two more teeth on top of the two molars he just got. He officially has 10 teeth, his cousin who's ten weeks younger still has none. That would be weird for me to deal with at this point...

Oh, yes, the new addition. IF we do get a new addition (if Alex gets the full-time position) it will be a standard poodle puppy! I've been waiting to raise a poodle for almost 9 years since we first met Pirate and got to learn to handle guide dog puppies on him. It would be a dream come true but if it wouldn't work right now then it wouldn't work. I'll keep you posted.

Lot's of changes possibly coming our way, most of them have the potential to be good but on the flip-side, they could also be bad so we'll see.

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Made It Through

Surgery day was awful but we made it through. Blake is mostly his normal, happy, adventurous self and we're so happy we're done with the issue and will hopefully never have to think about it again.
Playing at home the morning we left
Playing with new toys with Daddy at the hotel 
Playing with the toys in the waiting room 
He makes the best of things: Legs 5 inches too short? Use just one! 
We hope the ONLY time we ever have to see him in a hospital gown!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doing Things You Don't Want To

We all have to do things we don't want to do, especially when it comes to our dogs and children, I mean, who really WANTS to deal with poop?
On Friday, the first of February, we'll be letting our baby be taken from us to go under the knife. I am not happy about it but it's something we have to just get done and hopefully after Friday it will be over and we never have to think about it again. "It" is a urological issue that is not causing problems at this point but has the potential to cause major issues later in his life so we are doing the surgery now instead of later when it would affect him more.
That's true love

The timing, well, it sucks. He's having surgery 4 days before the 5th anniversary of our nephew's death and I can't help but dread the impossibly happening and us losing our baby. As I sit here watching him kiss everything, climb on whatever he can, loving the dogs, smiling, laughing, "talking", figuring things out, I can't help but cherish it and appreciate it so much. SO many people don't get to this point, like a friend who's twins were born two days after Blake who both died within a week. It's not fair, babies shouldn't die, babies shouldn't have to have surgery, or have acid reflux or any of the other millions of issues babies can have.
Those eyes, they kill me!

Anyway, tangent over. My son is amazing, I love him with all my heart, the dogs are amazing with him (besides Teddy) and I'll try to update more. There's not much to say, just the everyday awesomeness that is our new reality with Blake. Sure there's hard things (like Alex's job not giving him all his hours but bringing in temporary employees to handle the workload, or dealing with anxiety and depression and car issues and friends who don't act like friends, things we all deal with) but overall, we couldn't ask for more!
Blake kissing our kitten "Obi"

Ally & the gang!