Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changes Be A-Comin

Changes are coming to our home. Either Alex gets a new, full-time position at work or he's going to be taken down to 3 day work weeks so his employer can get around providing insurance or paying the fine. I may be working part-time somewhere or I may be babysitting for my sister a couple days a week or I may be staying home with Blake like I have been. I may start teaching some low-cost obedience classes but we'll see. We may be getting a new little one, or we may not.

I don't handle all of this being in limbo very well but it's where we are right now so we have to power through.

As for the dogs. Kira and Teddy are getting older. Teddy needs teeth pulled and then we'll have to decide if he's just too insecure and scared to live here with Blake (breaks my heart to even consider it, he's my first baby but if it's not fair to keep him here then what option do we have?). Kira's 9.5 and doing well but she's going blind and has a fatty tumor on her side and I worry about her. Eclipse, he's still his eccentric self and still a puppy at heart, although I don't think that will ever change with him.

Blake is a happy happy guy but he got gluten last weekend so has been clingy and not feeling very well. He's also getting at least two more teeth on top of the two molars he just got. He officially has 10 teeth, his cousin who's ten weeks younger still has none. That would be weird for me to deal with at this point...

Oh, yes, the new addition. IF we do get a new addition (if Alex gets the full-time position) it will be a standard poodle puppy! I've been waiting to raise a poodle for almost 9 years since we first met Pirate and got to learn to handle guide dog puppies on him. It would be a dream come true but if it wouldn't work right now then it wouldn't work. I'll keep you posted.

Lot's of changes possibly coming our way, most of them have the potential to be good but on the flip-side, they could also be bad so we'll see.

Ciao for now!

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