Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still With The Limbo

Well Alex didn't get the full time position (the son of two supervisors did, I hate work place politics) and it's yet to be determined if he will be getting restricted to 3 days a week so we're muddling through unsure about what our financial position is currently.

As it stands now, I will be working at least this summer. I'm really hoping to work with some animals at the Wildlife Safari but it won't be the elephant barn as they don't have the budget for another person. However when the supervisor called me to let me know she made it clear that I'm welcome there to volunteer and if they had the budget I'd be the one they'd hire. That gives me hope that when there is an opening I'll get to go back to my beloved elephant barn to work with George and Alice. If I don't go back to the Safari I'll certainly be going somewhere.

Blake's surgery followup is Tuesday, we have some concerns and are so hopeful they won't have to do a repeat surgery but we'll find out then.

As for a puppy... we don"t know. If I get a job soon we'll have to discuss it. While me working means there are more funds available for raising and dog care it also means there's less time for me to work with the dogs. Since I'll be working at a job that a puppy couldn't go to me with (unless he were to stay in the kennels which may be feasible depending on the department I'm in) it's something we'll have to seriously consider. It also depends on if a pup would be able to be flown up to us as we're obviously in no position to be driving 1800 miles to get a pup to raise.

There's more going on but it doesn't belong on a simple little blog like this :-) I'm not sure what this blog is besides a hybrid of a puppy raising and mommy blog (IF I puppy raise that is) but I think I should get back into posting more regularly, it really helps me put our situation in perspective!

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