Monday, December 23, 2013



She's a 3 year old female standard poodle that we rescued from California. The timing of her arrival was both accidental and fortunate. She's help fill the void that Teddy leaving has left. She's been here 4 weeks now and is fitting in almost flawlessly. She's now getting comfortable enough to really start training and she enjoys playing with Eclipse and Kira. Blake loves her and Alex, well, let's just say he thought he wouldn't be a poodle guy but he totally is!

We received Orijen freeze-dried treats from to review and they've helped River adjust so much! She even let me clip her face, feet and sanitary without fuss due to the treats being so high value. She even almost completely relaxes which was so nice to see since the first time we clipped her it took her a week to forgive us! Thank you, for helping our new girl adjust to her forever home!
They're all very excited abput these treats!!

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