Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doing Things You Don't Want To

We all have to do things we don't want to do, especially when it comes to our dogs and children, I mean, who really WANTS to deal with poop?
On Friday, the first of February, we'll be letting our baby be taken from us to go under the knife. I am not happy about it but it's something we have to just get done and hopefully after Friday it will be over and we never have to think about it again. "It" is a urological issue that is not causing problems at this point but has the potential to cause major issues later in his life so we are doing the surgery now instead of later when it would affect him more.
That's true love

The timing, well, it sucks. He's having surgery 4 days before the 5th anniversary of our nephew's death and I can't help but dread the impossibly happening and us losing our baby. As I sit here watching him kiss everything, climb on whatever he can, loving the dogs, smiling, laughing, "talking", figuring things out, I can't help but cherish it and appreciate it so much. SO many people don't get to this point, like a friend who's twins were born two days after Blake who both died within a week. It's not fair, babies shouldn't die, babies shouldn't have to have surgery, or have acid reflux or any of the other millions of issues babies can have.
Those eyes, they kill me!

Anyway, tangent over. My son is amazing, I love him with all my heart, the dogs are amazing with him (besides Teddy) and I'll try to update more. There's not much to say, just the everyday awesomeness that is our new reality with Blake. Sure there's hard things (like Alex's job not giving him all his hours but bringing in temporary employees to handle the workload, or dealing with anxiety and depression and car issues and friends who don't act like friends, things we all deal with) but overall, we couldn't ask for more!
Blake kissing our kitten "Obi"

Ally & the gang!