Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Not Perfect

Of course everything can't be perfect. I deal with postpartum anxiety and a panic disorder which after each pregnancy makes one of my pre-existing phobias a big problem. After Cole it was my PTSD about the car accident almost 8 years ago. This time it's made my phobia about stomach bugs unbearable, which has required a lot of doctor and therapist appointments.

Elias had colic and while a very happy baby, he still has a sensitive stomach that causes him problems occasionally. Mostly Elias, Blake, Alex and I are all healthy, though and for that I'm very thankful!

Cole, on the other hand, has had problems since he was a few months old. It started with sinus pain which caused him to scratch his forehead between his eyes then quickly moved into eczema all over his body. We struggled to get it under control and never did fully succeed. In June of this year he finally got an allergy test done which helped us narrow down his main food allergen as soy. So he has made improvement but he also has a lot of environmental allergens which aren't so easily controlled.

What weighs heaviest on my mind and heart currently is his development. He's on target physically but I have been concerned about his speech for more than a year. I got him evaluated in July by Early Intervention and while his score was low, it was still considered average. I was told if he hadn't had a speech explosion in 4-5 months to bring him back for another assessment... so I did.

He had his assessment last Wednesday and he scored even lower on his expressive language and low in his social skills. While his scores alone weren't enough to qualify him for therapy, the therapists were concerned enough about the way he talks to provide it. He starts weekly therapy in the beginning of January.

He of course doesn't have a diagnosis yet but the likelihood is that we're looking at more than a simple speech delay. Now we're trying to figure out how to better encourage him to talk, how to help him learn to form words, how to keep him from losing words, how to help him start using simple phrases, etc. to help him communicate what he's thinking so he'll get less frustrated.

It's an awful feeling, knowing there's words and ideas in your toddler's head that he's trying so hard to express, but can't. I hope to keep this blog updated as we tackle this newest hurdle.

Lots of changes on the horizon, and the busiest schedule isn't the only one we're facing, so stay tuned!

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