Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It's true, we have three boys! We always get comments about it so I'll just say it, no, we will not be trying to have a girl!

Now that that's out of the way, let me introduce you to our boys.

We have Blake, who is our first born and is a mature, loving, empathetic, big brother, who is fierce and strong and determined. He's 4 years 9.5 months at this point and is so determined to be a big boy. I'm excited to start homeschooling him when he's ready but until then he's learning through life and it's fun to hear his explanations and understanding of everything.

Next we have Cole who is 34 months (in a couple of day) and is a sweet, quiet, calm, cuddly little boy. He loves cars and balls and Paw Patrol. His bamboo blanket is his constant companion and he loves feeding every animal he possibly can.

Last, but not least, we have Elias. He's a wild 10 months old with crazy hair to match. He's walking and babbling and waving and signing and clapping. A true joy of a child who has never met a stranger and is quick to flash a smile and share a laugh (and a few teeth indentions for his mama!).

I share daily photos on both instagram and facebook as social media is the majority of my socialization during the long weekdays while Alex is at work.

I love our family and this life that we've built, but of course not everything can be perfect. That will be a post of its own, though.

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