The Gals

Kira was born November 27, 2003 and is a pure white, fluffy Miniature American Eskimo. While her brain capacity may be miniature, there's nothing miniature about the size of this girl's heart or personality. She's not really dumb, I just think she doesn't know how to learn and isn't as quick as your average dog. She's a sweetheart for sure and has done a lot in helping Teddy come out of his shell. She's been with us for six yearw now and no matter how much we tease about giving her to a family that she'd be "just perfect for", we know she's not going anywhere!
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Eola was born October 24, 2008 and is Eclipse's tall sister. Alex and I raised her for two months during her stint to become a service dog. She did eventually upstage everyone's expectations of her and is now a working service dog. She was a challenge beyond belief and due to our emotional state while she was with her we had an extremely difficult time with her, but she was great to have around and I learned a lot from the girl. Keep up the good work, Bola!
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Tiki is a female black lab who was born August 18, 2010 to Ranger and Monty at Oak Canyon Labradors. She and her sister Tiana were donated to Canine Support Teams to hopefully help people that need them. Tiana was career changed out of advanced training but Tiki is entering Team Training March 18th to meet her handler. She was named after a very special African Elephant who died at only 40 years old on October 16, 2010. She was a special girl who meant a lot to us and we're so happy that she made it this far!

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