Still A Joy

I've been absent from this space from years. It feels like an eternity has passed, and yet no time at all. I've dealt with a lot in that time frame. In the 5ish years I've been mostly absent, we've added two more children, bringing us to three boys. I've been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and phobias, which are all made worse after having a baby. My boys are generally happy, and Alex and I have really seemed to come into our own as parents. We're able to now make decisions we're comfortable with and confident in. Their births were beautiful and we reveled in having cuddly newborns each time. We also try to appreciate whatever current phase our boys are in and love and support them through it, regardless of how challenging it can be. However, all hasn't been unicorns and rainbows. Cole, our middle child, developed sinusitis and eczema when he was quite young. We tried everything and it was only after allergy testing when he was 2.5 half